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Valuation of Business?

Unfortunately, divorce is just as much a reality for business owners and self-employed individuals as it is for other members of our society.  If you or your spouse (or both of you) are business owners, and you are divorcing, the valuation of the business(es) involved may well be the most critical point of your property settlement.  What is the business worth?  What will it be worth 5 years from now?  Has the non-owner spouse contributed (time?  money?  effort?) to its growth?  Is the business a candidate to be sold soon?  Or sold three or four years from now?  Who runs the business while you divorce and separate?

In some cases, it may make sense (and save dollars and cents) to use an outside expert, such as a Certified Public Accountant, to provide a value, or range of value, for the business(es) involved.  If you are walking in this territory, tread carefully.

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