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Our mission is simple: to achieve your goals in your case. We will work with you, and for you, to set your goals, and help you achieve them. With decades of litigation experience, we are good at helping clients achieve exactly that.

Every case is different, and each client has unique needs and goals. But, our experience, and knowledge gained helping other clients can be invaluable to your case. Some of our clients seek representation for divorce, separation, and child custody proceedings. Others have property disputes, questions about landowner rights, boundary disputes, and real estate questions. Whatever your needs, we will guide you, and represent you.

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At Rosi & Gardner, we will help you resolve probate and trust matters as quickly as possible. The situation of each case, including yours, is unique. We have the knowledge and experience to help guide your case through the system (or, in...

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Landowner Rights

The minerals, timber and other natural resources on your land often have great value. However, the regulations regarding such resources are complex and what developers don’t tell you can cost you plenty. On behalf of landowners, we negotiate...

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Divorce can be a very difficult, situation for anyone. It has long-lasting effects on you, your family, and your life sometimes. It can be liberating for one party and devastating for the other – leaving you with many questions, and no answers....

Why We Are the Best

Uniquely positioned to take your family law matter out of the traditional, toxic, bloody courtroom litigation process.

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Benefit 1

20+ years of experience as family law litigator

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Benefit 2

Continue to stay current on the state of Michigan family law, including ICLE Family Law Certificate and ICLE’s annual Family Law Institute.

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Benefit 3

Now, handling collaborative cases, and conducting mediation, against the backdrop of what could happen in front of a judge.

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Romance Scams

Consumer losses to phone scams: $29.8 billion.  Another $56 billion was lost to identity fraud.

Especially during the holidays,...

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Vaccine Mandates

The US Supreme Court Precedent

Vaccine mandates continue to be a contentious topic in both national and local news. There's President...