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At Rosi & Gardner, P.C., we are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate legal services tailored to the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Our focus lies in three distinct areas of LGBTQ+ Family Law: Collaborative Divorce, Mediated Divorce, and Summary Divorce.

Collaborative Divorce:

We understand the complexities and sensitivities involved in LGBTQ+ divorces. Collaborative divorce is a client-centered approach that encourages open communication and cooperation between spouses. Our experienced attorney can facilitate a collaborative process were

both parties work together to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. This method not only fosters a more amicable separation but also empowers clients to have greater control over the outcome of their divorce, making it a suitable choice for LGBTQ+ couples seeking a respectful and customized resolution.

Mediated Divorce:

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows divorcing couples to negotiate their own settlement with the guidance of a neutral mediator. Our skilled mediator can help LGBTQ+ couples navigate the divorce process by facilitating discussions and ensuring a fair and equitable agreement. Mediation promotes communication and collaboration, often resulting in a more cost-effective and timely resolution. This approach is particularly beneficial for couples who wish to maintain an amicable relationship post-divorce and prioritize the well- being of any children involved.

Summary Divorce:

Summary divorce is a streamlined legal process designed for couples with uncontested divorces. That is, the divorcing parties already have agreement on the material terms (how assets and liabilities are going to be divided, custody and parenting time of any minor children.) of their divorce. Our experienced attorney can guide LGBTQ+ couples through this efficient and cost-effective option, making the dissolution of their marriage a straightforward and swift process. This approach minimizes the Court’s involvement, and altogether avoids litigation. Method

At Rosi & Gardner, P.C., we are proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community with a commitment to excellence, understanding, and confidentiality. Our focus on Collaborative Divorce, Mediated Divorce, and Summary Divorce allows us to offer specialized expertise in these areas, ensuring that our clients receive the tailored legal support they deserve during these challenging times. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in navigating the complexities of LGBTQ+ Family Law.


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