Traverse City Traditional Divorce

A traditional divorce case involves one spouse (often with an attorney) preparing, filing, and serving a Complaint for Divorce (and other required documents), and serving it on the other spouse. That that person (with or without the assistance of a lawyer) must file an answer, and set forth what he or she wants in the divorce. From there, the process of determining who receives what property, who is responsible for which debts, who has what type of custody, and what the parenting time schedule looks like, is driven and directed by the divorce court and its processes. Those processes may include discovery (interrogatories, depositions, real estate appraisals, business valuations, court-ordered mediation, settlement conferences, etc.

One important advantage of traditional divorce is its availability, regardless of the other participant’s willingness to cooperate or communicate with you. The other approaches require some degree of cooperation, and agreement to a process; the traditional divorce filing does not. Depending upon your situation, it may require some planning, forethought and counsel. But, with this approach, you do not need the other participant’s agreement, or ultimately even participation.

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