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With the holiday season approaching – What’s the best way to split the children?

If your kids are school-aged kids, they typically have the week off in-between Christmas and New Years and if they are not school-aged, this would still work.

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1. Mom or dad gets from the last day of school until Dec 26th and the other parents gets Dec 26th until New Years Day. This ensures that both parents get ample time during the holidays. Parent’s can even rotate years.

2. Split the children’s time during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. One parents gets Christmas Eve into Christmas Day at noon, and the other parent gets Christmas Day at noon until the day after Christmas. This ensures that the kids get to see both parents during an important holiday.

3. The third option is to find a balance between one and two that would work for both parents and the children. Christmas is an important time of year and it is important that both parents work to get along and make it magical for the children.

We hope that you are able to put your differences aside and put your children first during this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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