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Hogwash! Kitchen

Welcome to the Hogwash! Kitchen!

Tis the season to think of things sweet and spicy… especially those warm spices that conjure up memories of grandmother’s kitchen. This month we have two recipes that are great for holiday breakfasts – Gingerbread Waffles and Honey Almond Granola.

Thanks to our friends at Lorman Education Services and their staff member Lacy Melsness who shared with us a delectable recipe for Gingerbread Waffles. What a great dish to wake up to.

The Honey Almond Granola is one that Ruth often makes when there is company in the house. It’s a great addition to a breakfast buffet or on its own if your house hold and guests awake on different schedules. The spice combination of cinnamon and cardamom coupled with the vanilla and honey adds a subtle, sweet spicing to the oats, nuts and sesame seeds.

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