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De-cluttering By Divorce

Let go of the stuff. For anyone going through divorce, determining who gets what household things can be serious “bones of contention.” Here at Rosi & Gardner, P.C., we are going to recommend that you simplify things; just let ‘em have it.

What, you say? Why? There are a few reasons. Start by asking yourself:

  • Does “the stuff” really matter?
  • Do you need it? Or do you just want to make sure that your soon-to-be-ex does not get it?

Decluttering By DivorceIf it’s the latter, aren’t you really fighting just to fight? Don’t pay your divorce advocate (your attorney) hundreds of dollars an hour to fight over “the stuff” like the bedroom set, your DVDs and the kitchen table, for instance.

Instead focus your energy, efforts and resources elsewhere, on the things that do really matter. For example; focus on what your income will look like going forward and/or how you are going to co-parent your children in the next phase of all your lives.

Ask yourself, “Is the stuff I’m fighting about replaceable?”

If it is, and the other side wants it, let ‘em have it. Saying “Take it, all; it’s yours” can be surprisingly disarming. Then, you can shift the focus to something that matters more.

Besides, “de-cluttering” is all the buzz, isn’t it? If you are going through a divorce, use at least part of it to your advantage: to help get rid of some of the “stuff” that you don’t really need in your life.

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