Sales Commission Representatives Act

Are you owed back sales commission?

We find that Michigan’s workforce includes a substantial number of employees and independent contractors who making their living from earning their paychecks from compensation through sales commissions. This is particularly true with sales professional across multiple industries.

These types of pay structures are usually written out in a formal policy or job offer letter, but sometimes the employer or business fails or even refuses to pay earned commissions to the employee or independent contractor. This is where Michigan’s Sales Commission Representative Act comes into the picture. This act provides commission based employees or independent contractors the legal ground to pursue back commission payments.

The Michigan Sales Representative Commission Act or MSRCA covers all individuals (including people, corporations, partnerships, or other legal entities) who sell a good for another – the “principal” – and by doing so, earn a commission. By way of definition, a “principal” is a person or business entity that either 1) manufactures, produces, imports, sells, or distributes a product in Michigan; or 2) contracts with a sales representative to solicit orders for or sell a product in Michigan.

If you find yourself owed unpaid commissions, contact Gary and Philip at Rosi & Gardner and we will help you get the money you deserve.