Property, Easement & Boundary Disputes

Property disputes usually arise over property, easements, boundaries, or covenants existing in a deed or regular usage of the property. If you are facing an property, easement or boundary dispute, Rosi & Gardner can help. We represent property owners in Traverse City and surrounding northern Michigan communities.

Property, boundary or easement disputes fall into one of the following categories:

Error in deeds: These boundary disputes are simply caused by an error reported on the deed. If there is a reporting error in the deed as a result of mismarked property lines during surveying, you have a legitimate boundary and easement dispute case, and you should seek reputable counsel.

Boundary disputes: Boundary disputes can arise at anytime, but they usually arise when landowners or homeowners are getting ready to construct a fence or an outer building that boarder the property line and the neighboring property owner disputes the accuracy of the property line.

Easements Disputes: An easement allows another property to owner to use another piece of property without actually possessing ownership of the easement.  These easements are established through a deed, license or permission.  An easement is considered as a property right in itself at common law and is still treated as a type of property in most jurisdictions.

Covenant Disputes: A covenant in a deed is a promise to engage in or refrain from certain actions or to restrict the use of property to certain uses or actions. Covenants are typically established in subdivisions to ensure that the property retains it value and the neighborhood is well maintained.

If you are seeking legal counsel because of a property, easement, or boundary dispute, or simply need legal advice regarding any boundary, easement or covenant issue or dispute, contact Rosi & Gardner today.  Our attorneys can help.